Welcome to “walster.name”
What is “walster.name”?
The “.name” internet ‘tld’ is for personal websites and email - so that you can have your own presence on the net without using up valuable .com/.net/.org space. Most people will want to have an email address suited to their name, so why not have “jim at walster.name”?
As such, I’ve registered walster.name for my own personal use, and host it on a server I own in Manchester, UK. That’s pretty selfish, in my opinion, but it happens all over the net by different companies wanting to cash-in on this relatively new tld.
I was counting on getting walster.name! Are you willing to share?
Of course! Providing you’re using minimal resources (low traffic, no large files) I can create you your own subdomain (jim.walster.name) and email address (jim at walster.name) and I won’t charge you a penny, providing you can prove to me your last name is indeed Walster!
What if I want to do something a little bigger?
If you want to store hundreds of megabytes, or expect more than just immediate family to visit your site, I can offer you hosting as part of ElementalHosting.com, the business I run. For £15/year (or $30/year), you’ll get 1GB space and 10GB/month bandwidth with your subdomain, or for an additional £5/year ($10/year), you’ll get your own .com/.net/.org to play with!
How do I apply?
My name is Matthew Walster. I’m not going to put my email address here, but if you can guess what to put before walster.name, you can prove to me you’re not a spam-robot and can just send me an email. Please send with your application some form of ID (such as a picture of your Driver’s Licence either from a camera or scanned in) and say which name you would like. If your son/daughter/wife/mother/father would like one too, please tag their names onto the end, and I’ll set those up for you!
Why are you doing this?
It’s selfish for me to hog all of walster.name if others want it. Why not share the benefits? It costs me very little (under 30p for 1GB bandwidth after tax) to do this, so I’m willing to do it for nothing!
Matthew Walster